Which one should I choose, single vision, progressives, or bifocals?

If you have numbers listed for the Addition (ADD) portion of your prescription, please choose progressives or bifocals. If you don`t have, please choose single vision.

Single Vision

Single vision is the standard eyeglass prescription lens. This lens type has one field of vision throughout the entire lens, for correcting nearsightedness or farsightedness.


Progressives correct near, intermediate and distance in one lens. They have a seamless, invisible design where the power “progressively” changes throughout the lens with distance vision on the top, near vision on the bottom, and intermediate in between.


Bifocal lenses have two viewing areas: a larger viewing area for distance with a smaller area for reading. If you haven`t worn bifocals before, it can take some time to adjust to moving your eyes between the distance and reading portions of the lens.